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This past weekend we went to BABE, Bay Area Bead Extravaganza
On Sat. we as in Martin & I and his parents, took a nice ride up to Oakland & went to the show, we were only there for about 3 hours which was not nearly enough time to see everything & everyone.
Many of today's talented Lampwork artists were there. I think I have forever hurt my rep in the glass community, I am pretty sure that Michael Barely & Larry Scoot think that I stalk them or something like that, I mean really my behavior around these folks was nothing short of how the paparazzi act around famous movie stars. The show was great, if beads were the reason you were there, there were so many that made your head swim. And if you were like me & were searching out your favorite artists well then you were not disappointed. Below is a few photos I took from some of the artists there & their wears...many of whom by now have gotten restraining orders against me. There were many other artists there, but lets face it I only had about 3 hours to harass as many as I did, I will get the rest at another show.

Click on photos to enlarge...
Click on the purplish links to go to the artists web site.

Lots of folks, artists & beads were in a rather small area.

Michael Barley (left) & Larry Scott, grouping together for protection from me, the crazed fan...Honestly I think I might have actually scared them...I was calling them the co-kings of the glass bead world & telling strangers at their booths about their beads & their art, as if they were not even standing there.

ah, & here we have some of Michael Barley amazing art.

Here are some Larry Scott's gorgeous beads. Of all the pictures I took on sat, sadly these are the only ones that are not up-close, I was so excited to have met these guys that I forgot to take photos of them, when I went back to take photos, I was, well lets just say nervous & messed up the photos a bit.

Here is Michele Goldstein, she was very sweet & we had a nice talk about the bead biz.

& here are some of her lovely art, more of which you can see on her very cool web site

Bronwen Heilman of Ghost Cow Glassworks was so nice to me, she humored my madness & played along rather can visit her site for some awesome beads & the Interchangeable Bead Findings.

And here are some Bronwen's beads, you just can not believe the artistry in these until you hold one in your hands..

I love Shirley Cook (left) who was just visiting like I was & I had to harass her too, since they knew each other I had her take a photo with Kate McKinnon, one of my new favorites, not only as in artist, but also as a person

& here is Kate's lovely too can see her awesome handmade beads, jewelry & books at her very nice web site

you all know I love Sharon Peters already, here she is being herself with Bronwen

This is one of Sharon's newest creations...she is just gorgeous & fun & I imagine very hard to do, that is all one piece of art folks. See more of her great & wacky art at

Here I am with one of my all time favorite glass artists Leah Fairbanks, she was so sweet & not at all as aloof as I thought a person with such talent would be, however she does not know me yet, so she might become more cautious as she gets to know me better...

one of Leah's most beautiful creations, this necklace was to die for...& well worth it as over $700.00 you can see more of her art at

Here is my very first teacher, Pati Walton & John Olson, sadly my photos of her beads did not come out well, but stop by her site at to her awesome art.

Here are some of John's amazing beads, all I can say is how did he do that?

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