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Here is a photo of the prize beads, Krissa picked the colors, I did the rest...They came out great, thanks again to everyone for palying.

The Fall Beauty Contest is over and the winner is:

        Dear Jelveh,

        After much deliberation we have chosen #5 Krissa Payne as the winner.  Please let me know that you have received this email.  Thank you for the fun opportunity!

        Happy Beading,

        Jennifer Stark

        Beading Contest Coordinator

        Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

        (541) 956-7892

Thanks to all who entered, I will post a photo of the beads that Krissa won sometime in December...thanks all...Jelveh

All pictures are numbered in the order in which they were received.

Click on photos for a larger image
Important note, the designs need not be in Fall colors, they can be any colors.

"When I received these amazing beads from Jelveh they just reminded my so much of the warm colors of autumn.  Golden amber, warm bronze and subtle shades of green make up this beautiful set of Raku beads.  I combined them with pearls, Swarovski crystals, Bali sterling silver and Thai leaf charms to finish off the piece."
Original Design by Patti Phillips of Ola Beads made with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads. #18

The beautiful colors of fall in Western New York and Jelveh's richly colored Florentine beads make this "Falling for Florentine" bracelet one of my favorites.  Jelveh's Lampwork beads are complimented by gold Swarovski pearls and topaz AB crystals. 
Made by Joyce M. Jezewski with Jelveh Designs Lampwork beads #17

"This bracelet is all about the beads!! I created this piece to showcase the wonderful cubes made by Donna Mehnert of Blackberry Beads. The simplistic design shows off the free form Lampwork and I attached a tassel of Czech glass leaves to compliment the autumnal colors. Shiny silver Bali spacers and beads accentuate the sparkle of the beads. This one really glimmers, especially on a sunny autumn afternoon!!!"
Made by Kati Vasa of West End Designs with
Donna Mehnert of Blackberry Beads Lampwork Beads. #16

"The reason I named this wire wrapped bracelet “Twilight Zone” Believe me it has some good intentions of fall the Lampwork beads are made by ”BeadAddicts” (Angie and Verna are some Super Women and they make some Super beads). The beads remind me of those dark nights with the “time change” and people scurrying home before it gets dark. And, the silver are from Bali, Hill tribe, Turkish and lots of SS wire wrap and a lot of seamless SS balls. No two pieces of silver are alike. And, believe me its all Silver not Silver plate no cutting corners here! I make it as if I am going to wear it myself!  The silver reminds me of the shiny twinkling stars in dark moonlit autumn night. Like I said before no two beads are alike, a lot of semiprecious beads, Swarovski Crystals, cubes bicones, vintage, dichroic, Mingo and Asho, furnace glass and the list is endless."
Made by Sapphire of Designs by Sapphire with BeadAddicts Angie & Verna Lampwork beads. #15

"I made this bracelet for my 5 year old daughter.  I decided that children deserve to wear fabulous jewelry just as much as we do!  Reilly always loves to play with mommy's fringe bracelets, so my inspiration was my daughter!  This sterling fringe bracelet was designed around three of your Lampwork beads.  Reilly is always in jeans or khakis, so I decided to go with a jean and khaki color scheme.  I hand wire wrapped 46 beads including vintage Lucite flowers, Czech pressed glass flowers and shapes, Bali silver, Swarovski crystals, cat's eye, and tiger's eye.  The result is the perfect combination of jeans and khakis.  Reilly loves to wear it....she loves the movement and the jingle!  I have created an entire line of fringe bracelets for children now!" 
Made by Megan Palevich of ReillyBelle Originals with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads. #14

"When I was making this bracelet, all I kept thinking of for some reason was wine, hence the name. But it just as easily could have been called 'Autumn'....the colors remind me of the fall!"
Made by Rachel Giarrizzo of Rachel Originals with Donna Mehnert of Blackberry Beads Lampwork Beads. #13

"Where I live in Michigan one of the most beautiful places to visit in the fall to see the amazing colors of the season is Traverse City. There they have some of the most breathtaking views of the splendor of Mother Nature at this time of year. The whole trip there is a wondrous tour of all the fall colors, hence the name of this piece."
Bracelet created by Erika of Erika's Originals - Lampwork beads by Diddy Beads with a few solid color spacer beads from various other eBay artists #12

"In this gorgeous set of Jelveh's peacock beads, I used
Swarovski tanzanite cubes and sterling silver Bali
beads. The clasp looks like it was made especially for
these beads! The earrings are sterling and contain
violet AB Swarovski cubes and AB 4mm bicones. I wear
this set all the time and people always comment on how
exquisite it is!"
Made by Pamella Radwan with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads. #11

"Fall is a little different in the desert where I live.  Here we have glorious red rocks under blue skies with minimal falling foliage.  I wanted to capture this desert version of fall in my bracelet.  It features Lampwork beads, red coral,  Baltic amber, turquoise from Kingman, AZ, cane glass, Swarovski crystals, and plenty of silver and charms.   We have wild burros and bighorn sheep here so they fit in perfectly!  Little utensils for eating, what's autumn without the harvest food?  This comfortable bracelet is fit for a cowgirl or a cowgirl-at-heart."
Made by Jean Estrada with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads, the top-right blue bead is a JenaGirlBead #10

"I wanted something fun and flirty that capitalized on all the beautiful shades of pink represented in these beads."
Made by Shelley Robertson of Silvery Moon Designs with Gonzie Beads & V3 Glassworks Lampwork beads. #9

Made by Elizabeth Terrell of Beads on the Brain with Jelveh Designs Lampwork beads. #8

"When I opened this set of Lampwork beads from Jelveh, I immediately thought of my mothers rose garden and the pale pink old fashioned English roses there.  In my design I wanted to show off each and every bead as the work of art they are, so I used a minimum of frufru, complimenting the color with matching Swarovski crystals and my finest Bali beads as space to breath between each precious treasure.  Hence Victorian Rose was born from my memories of home.  Rickie"
Made by Rickie Voges Designs with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads. #7

Made by Judy C. with Jelveh Designs Lampwork Beads. #6

"This is EXACTLY how I pictured these beads to turn out!  I sketched this bracelet from somewhere (my mind has totally forgotten) and have been in search for the right beads to make it out of. I think the look I was going for was a woodsy, outdoorsy type of feeling.  The name of the bracelet is "Sage Rush", I know, not really woody or outdoorsy but I thought it was kinda cute and just really fits it:)  This bracelet is sooo comfortable to wear too.  It feels like silk and just kind of floats on top of your wrist."
Made by Krissa Payne with Jelveh Designs Lampwork beads, the middle bead is a Gracie Bead. #5

"Fall always reminds me of Halloween - not necessarily beautiful, but definitely fun"
Beads & Bracelet made by Kim Schultz, former student of Jelveh. #4

"I wanted a design that would show off the lentil focals, simple but classic!  It does just that when worn."
Made by Sandi Richards with Jelveh Designs Lampwork beads. #3

"The Lampwork beads reminded me of the purple/lavender/plum Fall Chrysanthemums.  I wanted the bracelet to show all the hues of the blossoms, and capture the "fluffiness" of the foliage."
Made by Ginny Chasey with Jelveh Designs Lampwork beads. #2

"I wanted the design to look like leaves falling off the trees for fall.  I think I accomplished the effect I was looking for."
Made by Kelli Burns of RaeRaine Designs with Skye Lampwork beads. #1

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