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Over the past week we (stud muffin AKA hubby & I) drove out to the Grand Canyon. From our house the trip was 759 miles each way. I had never been to Arizona & had always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Hubby had been to Arizona before, he loves the desert, but never to the Grand Canyon either. Wednesday after the newsletter was sent out, we left, on our way out of town, we stopped by the post office & I mailed out 8 boxes of beads to my great clients. About 70 or so miles out of town I was thinking what kind of a crazy person am I to think we can do this long drive twice in 4 days. I was starting to feel a bit anxious & feeling guilty for leaving work behind, did I mention I am my own boss? oh yeah you know that. Anyway as time went by and we drove on, we laughed at how there are no radio stations in the desert save for some oddball ones. We talked about the world & our lives. We spent the night in Barstow California. I am not sure what is in Barstow, I do know it is one of the hottest places I have ever spend the night in. The next day I drove the rest of the way in to Arizona & then to the Grand Canyon, over 350miles away. This is where I realized & started to feel the impact of this great trip we were on... everything had slowed down, the towns were no longer one after another, I had not seen the computer for almost 24 hours & would not again until Sunday, sadly there was no beads, I started thinking of a making portable set up to make beads, but then I stopped. The phone had stopped working so no one could call us or us them. There was this still feeling in the air, that somehow everything was just right the way it should be. My goodness this is what relaxed must feel like is what I was thinking. Needless to say we needed to get away & recharge. Life here in Northern California is so fast for me. Between our families which we love to hang out with, our work & art, our daily routine & I am sure you are aware of this in your own life too, something gets lost. We got to the Grand Canyon by late afternoon on Thursday, we had dinner reservation at the El Tovar in the park (Thanks for the tip on that Katie) it was a great dinner...but before dinner...we stopped by to see what we had driven out for. The big prize you can see in the photos below, although photos do not do justice to this amazing glorious breathtaking place, I was smitten. Hubby & I had to spend some time just picking our jaws off the ground, after that we marveled at how beautiful the Grand Canyon is, how huge it is... & really how small our lives really are compared to this amazing natural wonder, that took over 4 million years to form. for the next 2 days & part of Sat. we walked & visited as much as the South Rim of the Canyon as we could without heat stroke, temperatures were as high as 90 or more & the high elevations, it was bit hard to keep going at times. We have decided to go back for a full week next time & hike down & camp by the river for a day or so & hike back, which in itself is 2 day hike down. photos below are from the drive out, the Grand Canyon at many times with all the different shifts of color you can see due to light change (we were lucky enough to see it in both sunset, sunlight & a full moon) & some from our hotel room, which although it looks nice we will never stay at again. If you would like to know why, send me an email & I will tell you...thanks for reading my long story & have a great day...Jelveh...Peace

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