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The winner of this contest gets a set of 9 beads, your choice of colors, my choice of designs...ok here is how you play, send me a story about your most favorite movie ever & WHY you liked it so much, tell us what it meant to you, or it was so funny you laughed & that's what you needed in life, and so on and so get the picture...I will also write a story about mine...but I can not win...LOL...
Contest will run until Aug 3rd, and on Aug 10th I will announce the winner who is picked by my hubby...since I can not be trusted...

AUG 10 2005, WE HAVE A WINNER, Lilly P. Wins the contest & a set of 9 beads, I have moved her entry to the top...Hubby read all of the entries last night, he said he like Lilly's best...but he also wanted to give Honorable mention to Ginny's entry & Toria Betson's entry, I will also send 5 beads each to these 2 ladies, my choice of colors & designs...I will post a photo of the beads that Lilly has won, once she chooses what she likes and I make them...thanks all for playing along...


Beads for the winner Lily...she picked out the colors...

Beads for Ginny & Toria the honorable mentions...I picked the colors...

Winner of Movie Contest.
My favorite movie ever has to be Turner and Hooch.  It was hilarious.  My husband and I met when we were both working full-time jobs with crazy schedules.  He was traveling a lot with his job and I was working very long crazy hours.  Most of our time was spent on the telephone.  We were finally going to meet at a truck stop to have coffee and talk.  I showed up but he sent a friend to let me know his sister died and explain the situation so I left and went home.  He called me again during a business trip.  When he got back from his trip he was going to have 200 people for a Labor Day weekend party .  In the meantime, my 16 year old son died.  I called to let him know.  He left his party that he was hosting to meet me at a picnic grove to spend a little time together.  Two months later, we finally were able to make a date and we went to see Turner and Hooch.  I never laughed so hard in my life and neither did he.  You see, I think it was the fact that we both went through a loss around the same time and there was a lot of stress in our lives with jobs, being unable to go on a date, and everything else that was going on at the time.   We laughed so hard we couldn't get out of our seats!  We were both laughing so hard we were  crying when we came out of the movie theater.  I will say that is a memory that will last a lifetime...............Our first real date!
Lilly P.
have two favorite movies.  The first is "Chariots of Fire."  When I first saw it, I was floored.  It was lovely, touching, thrilling, kept the audience on the edge of their seats, and did it all from different angles and points of view.  The adversaries are friends, there is love and success for the one who feels he is a misfit, there is satisfaction on different levels.  And the sheer beauty of the cinematography couple with that Vangelis score!  It knocked me out and I went back the next day to see it again.  This was during a time when money was very, very tight, and seeing the same movie the next day was a major frivolity.  My second favorite movie is "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" because it is genius and made me laugh my ass off. Lena
Oh My Jelveh, I hope it's not too late!!  But, here is my favorite movie:
My most favorite movie is Chocolate.  If you've seen the movie, you'd know why.  It is filled with many facets: a love story, a sad story, empowerment, friendship, and comedy.  This movie inspired me to open my own business.  While watching Viviane, making her delicious art forms of chocolate, I thought of my own passions: jewelry.  I saw myself in her.  Working endlessly, lovingly at her craft/art.  Not only did Viviane inspire me, but so did the other characters: Rue (Johnny Depp), with his dark, mysterious gypsy self.  Her friend who begins in the movie a shy, meek, and scared person; to evolving into this independent, happy woman.  Also, her daughter, who just wants stability and a normal life.  And of course ALL the other characters that make this movie a sensation, an experience!  The main character, Viviane, I identify most with.  Also the movie is shot in France in a town where the surroundings and the people are bit conservative and stuffy.  It is interesting how the producers have everyone in dark, earthy tones while Viviane is dressed in colorful, vibrant colors.  I loved how they associated the people in the movie to color.  It shows how powerful color really can be.  Finally, a great movie that both men and woman will enjoy! Jennifer
The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie. It shows all the angst of society.  The man who is good against the man in charge.  The need of people for power over people that have no say.  the bond between men that can't fight back!   I'm a little MS and I can't bring women into it.  
It reminds me of our society today with no one talking about what is wrong.
I love the end when the Man knows he has under estimated his foe!  That a man still can have a chance at life.  That a person has a chance to come out of the sewer he lived in and survives.  The sewer in this case is a very flawed system of justice as we know it!
It is a testament to us all that he survived! 
Think about justice as if you are the victim!  
There are so many great movies out there that it's really difficult to narrow it down to just a few, but I will talk about my favorite comedy and drama:
For comedy, I have to say "What About Bob" is one of my all-time favorites.  Being familiar with the mental health community where I used to live, this movie really brings some insight on the subject, but in a humorous light.  Bob, played brilliantly by Bill Murray, is a multi-phobic patient who has been dumped by every psychiatrist he's ever seen.  He winds up becoming the patient of Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Richard Dreyfuss. This movie is an absolutely hilarious portrayal of a patient who unwittingly drives his doctor over the edge! 
For a drama, "Mr. Holland's Opus", starring Richard Dreyfuss as the talented composer and music teacher, has to be one of my all time faves.  As a struggling composer, Richard Dreyfuss and his wife have a deaf son, which they have to enroll in an expensive school for the deaf.  It is a moving, endearing movie showing Dreyfuss going from a young artist to an accomplished high school music teacher who makes his mark.  Lots of laughs and tears in this movie, as we watch Mr. Holland age, as well as his students who never forget what he's done for them.
My favorite movie is called Empire of the Sun. It is a very moving film and one of the all time best, though not very well known. I really appreciated how it showed that even during times of extreme distress or hardships, we can either allow ourselves to become weak and wither away or we can be use the circumstances to mold ourselves into better stronger individuals. That was what happened to the main character, the little boy in the film. In the beginning he was a brat from a rich family but throughout the film and in the end, he changed and became the opposite of what he was. And because of that he was able to bridge the gap between himself and his oppressors. It is truly a very touching film that speaks many truths about humans. It reminds all of us that no matter how different we may seem from the outside, we are all still part of the large human family and thus are not very different from each other in areas of values, etc. I hope I have peaked your interest without giving away too much.
by: Toria Betson
Some movies make us laugh, some movies make us cry, and some movies forever transform out lives. Smoke Signals does all three.
Perhaps it was the timing….Smoke Signals, based on the book, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, written by Sherman Alexie, is a contemporary Native American, ‘Odyssey’.   It tells the story of a journey by two unlikely companions, Victor and Thomas, as they leave their Coeur d'Alene reservation, to collect and bring home the remains of Thomas’s father.  
Victor, a proud and tough young man, is full of anger.  His alcoholic and abusive father left home when he was just 12 Years old.  
Thomas, the same age as Victor, is a nerdy, almost fragile looking, storyteller, who was raised by his grandmother. 
We get the impression Victor feels Thomas’s soul purpose in life is to annoy Victor.   While Victor is full of anger at his father, Thomas remembers him fondly, almost as the father he didn’t have.  
The young men’s lives have been bound together from the time Victor’s father caught the baby Thomas, who was thrown from a window of the blazing house fire that killed both his parents.  
When Victor cannot afford the trip to Arizona, it is Thomas, with his glass jar full of change, who offers to pay the way, on the condition Victor takes him with him. 
Because this is not a movie that everyone has seen, I am reluctant to give away too much of the plot.  Despite the serious subject of the film, this beautiful, touching movie is full of humor.  I laughed, I cried, and I laughed again.  
As an adult survivor of child abuse, I have spent most of my life trying to heal and find happiness.  Like Victor, unrecognized hurt and anger at my parents affected my entire life: my feelings of self-esteem, my ability to have a healthy relationship with others, my hope for any kind future.  
At the same time I first saw this movie, I had became obsessed with genealogy. The side of the family I originally had the least interest in, because of the abuse, was the side I was able to go back the furthest in, to the end of the 1600's. 
As I studied the records, I discovered that every few years some disease would strike my ancestor’s village, and the youngest would die. The women would have 10-12 pregnancies each, but only a couple of children would ever survive past their childhoods. This happened generation after generation.  
I realized that they must have learned to shut part of themselves off from their children, so as to be able to bear all the losses. They must have tried their hardest to raise them to be 'tough'.  
I began to understand the coldness I experienced growing up.  I stopped judging my family so harshly.    It was at this time,  I began to truly be able to let go and forgive. I also started experiencing a connectedness with my ancestors. I truly believe by healing ourselves,  we help our ancestors heal.  
Letting go was a long process for me. Somehow doing my genealogy helped, not because it excused my parents, but because I could begin to understand who they were in the bigger picture. It helped me remove myself, and look at them as characters in a larger story.  
In the film, Victor and Thomas come to learn the true story of that fated night, the night of the house fire.  Ultimately, seeing the larger picture helped them understand Victor‘s father, and why he made the decisions he did.   
Forgiveness is not about saying what was done to you was ok.  
Forgiveness is about not carrying around the pain any more.  
Releasing the pain and anger changes everything, not just emotions and how we see our families, but how we see the world.   The more I learn about others, the more compassion I feel toward them, and the less I find myself passing judgment.  
By the end of this movie, I was crying for Victor, crying for Thomas, and crying for myself.  I want to share this poem with you.  It is recited at the end of the movie. 
 How Do We Forgive Our Fathers?
By, Dick Lourie
How do we forgive our Fathers?
Maybe in a dream
Do we forgive our Fathers for leaving us too often or forever
when we were little?
Maybe for scaring us with unexpected rage
or making us nervous
because there never seemed to be any rage there at all.
Do we forgive our Fathers for marrying or not marrying our Mothers?
For Divorcing or not divorcing our Mothers?
And shall we forgive them for their excesses of warmth or coldness?
Shall we forgive them for pushing or leaning
for shutting doors
for speaking through walls
or never speaking
or never being silent?
Do we forgive our Fathers in our age or in theirs
or their deaths
saying it to them or not saying it?
If we forgive our Fathers what is left?
My favorite movie is Predator.  I was dating my husband back when it came out and we decided to see a movie.  He asked me to pick out a good show.  I had no idea what Predator was about but wanted to see it because it starred Arnold Schwartzenegger.  This movie was so interesting and full of suspense it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time!!  I didn't even realize or remember if my boyfriend-turned-husband held my hand or not the movie was that good.   The idea of something out there in the jungle that you can't see that is hunting you, an alien being, is so scary. We thought it was funny, though, when that lady they took captive never would talk and no one could get her to speak then in the second half of the movie she wouldn't stop talking! I've since seen this movie several times over the years and always take the time to watch it all the way through again as it's still scary and good fun.  My husband says I pick out good movies.  They just don't make movies like they used to, most producers just cannot come up with good ideas anymore.

My very favorite movie ever is Yentil.  The reason I love it is
because she does something that women weren't suppose to do and at great sacrifice follows her heart.  My favorite line is "Why settle for a piece of sky, when you can fly".
Whenever I feel a little discouraged, I pull out this movie and watch it.  Usually once per year.  It has such a positive impact on my ability to continue pursuing a difficult career where women have to be so much better than the men to succeed.  Thankfully for our daughters it is changing.

I love movies, I used live for them, my mom thinks I loved them so much that once we came to America I learned to understand English inside of 7 months just so I can watch movies, that was 27 years ago. Since then the love of movies took me through a 15 year movie career that began as the popcorn & ticket sales person all the way to the big shot District Manager who worked way too many hours, sometimes 18 hours a day, which gave me no time to enjoy one of my all time favorite pastimes...I like movies for all kinds of reasons, like when I was convinced that John Wayne had to have spoken Persian in his movies, because when I saw them in English, he sounded just the same...I loved that someone cared about his accent so much that they picked someone to dub him that sounded just like he did in English...I love movies because some make me sad, some make me happy, some make me mad & some make me feel silly & good. I like action movies, I like serious movies, I love all kinds of movies... for a while when I used to interview kids for work at the theater, I used to ask them what was their favorite movie & their least favorite & why? I used to learn more about them faster that way...or at least that's the way it seemed to if you asked me what was my favorite movie of all time and why, I would have many answers for many reasons, but the first one that jumps to my mind is The Color Purple, I felt that movie with all my heart & still do every time I watch it, it was so powerful for me, it was not just one thing or another, or one character or another, I liked all of the characters, I believed them all, I cried for them all, the good ones, the bad ones, all of them...
I remember the first movie I saw with my ex husband, it was Shaw Shank Redemption, I always disliked the fact that he ruined it for me by being such a brat during the movie, talking & saying things like when is this thing over, I guess I should have known then that he was not the one...the first movie I saw with my dear sweet Hunk of a hubby now was The Perfect Storm, I remember later that it was one of the best movie experiences of my life, although the movie itself holds not too much feeling for me, that first date, that first movie, my gosh, I will never forget that...
(I can not play to win, the contest is for you to win)
This is my favorite movie story.
First, I must tell you that my mother is of Scottish descent, and a huge genealogy buff.  My father died a few years ago, and since my mother lived in a town with no relatives, my sister and I would try to go visit fairly often.  When I was there once, I noticed that Braveheart was playing at the local theater.  I asked my mother if she would like to go.  She hesitated and said it had been years she had been to the "movies" and added that not many 83 year old ladies went to the movies.  I finally talked her into going to an afternoon showing.  I bought goodies for us as we entered, and picked some prime seats.  She cried a lot during the movie but she absolutely adored every bit of it.  I liked the movie too but what meant more to me was that I brought a little diversion and entertainment into her life when she needed it most.  I might also add that, to this day, my mother thinks Mel Gibson is a HUNK!


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