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Here are the photos of Penny and my beads from the Sept.2005 weekend class at my house...

click on the photos to see the close up of how awesome Penny did, take a look at the
holes on all of her beads, they are perfect, I know eBay seller who have been making
beads forever and still can not make a round bead with a clean hole...and here is a photo
my beads below, you can see we were having fun, I loved the grape bead and the fish bead
was meant to be a different bead but it went south so I decided to make it in to a fish and
then the fin broke while I was working on the eyes, so I said this fish has been bitten by a
shark, this was late Sat night about Midnight we both laughed and had fun...
we made more beads on Sunday pictures of them some time later...