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Over this past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to take an awesome class with the awesome  Sharon Peters. Where can I start...? hubby & I drove to Arrow Springs, some 30 miles past Sacramento on Friday night 9/3/04. My class started on Sat morning at 8:30am, that is when the joy started too... at around 10pm that night someone had to practically drag us away. we were all having so much fun. Perhaps fun is a rather small word to describe this great experience. First of all Sharon Peters is a very cool person, kind sweet, smart as a whip and most of all aware of every thing that needed to be there to make the class a wonderful place for all of us. I am not even talking about how great of a glass artist she is yet & I know this is the part where she would be telling me that I am sucking & kissing her ass a bit too much. Many of you know as much as you know about me from my newsletters & my site, what most don't know is that I tell it like it is. I am telling you now if you missed out on taking a Sharon Peters class, you missed out big, I don't even care if it sounds like I am kissing up when I say this since it is so true.
From the class instructions, the handouts, the funny jokes to the Bead Toss, this was the best class ever. 
What is a Bead Toss you ask? well that is where we all start making a bead while listening to music, in this case the Beatles, after the first 2 songs are over, each person hands their bead very quickly to the person on their left. Once you get the bead you get to add whatever you want to it, as soon as a 3 min. song is over you hand the bead over to the person on your left again, so this goes on until every person has added or worked on each bead at least twice. Photos of the fun beads we made during the Bead Toss are below. After a few of us left around 8pm on the first night, the rest of us stayed to do another bead toss.

I have to mention here that during the 2 day class the folks at Arrow Springs were very good to us all, from picking up our lunches to answering all of our questions, they were just the kind of host you want to have. In particular Craig Milliron who owns & operates Arrow Springs with his wife Dona Milliron was very nice to us all. He made us tools & thought us all kinds of extra secrets about glass bead making. 

The other lucky students in class were: 
Carrie Tahquechi from Santa Cruz who has been a bead maker for 1 1/2 years, her & I will be getting together for some bead making dates soon. 
Irine Fujishima Nakaoka, & you thought my name was long & hard, who has been making beads for about 6 months, she made lots of yummy beads in class & was perhaps the most quiet person in there.
Kimberly Watanabe
, perhaps the loudest person in class, no I am just kidding, the loudest goes to me & Robin Foster of Foster Fire Glass. Kim has been making lovely beads for about 3 years & is so much fun to hang out with, we are going to get together for lunch or something, I think if we lived closer we would hang out all the time. 
Mary Mau, Financial Analyst by day, mother wife & bead maker by night, she has been torching for about 1 year, you would never know it to look at her work, I think Sharon might have even called her a ringer at one point. Her lovely beads can be found on Ebay under the name of Beadreaming.
Robin Foster from Arizona, is the most funny bead maker I have ever met, one liners after one liners not to mention all that talent. Robin is the creator of Foster Fire Bead Release, her work was also included in "1000 Glass Beads"...what can I say the girl is just evil...I have to stop that, it is I who burned her in class after all...
Wendy Wyman, the sister of the funny Robin Foster, has been making beads for about 3 years & was also a lot of fun to be around.
Robin Imfeld, yes we had 2 Robins in class & I sat in the middle of them both. This Robin is also a great bead maker who has only been torching for about 2 years.
Look below for all the photos of all the bead makers mentioned above. As always click on photos for a larger picture.

Can you tell I had a great time...? Thanks again to Sharon & Arrow Springs & all the other students for a great weekend...


1sharon.jpg (75092 bytes)
Here is the teacher herself Sharon Peters

2sharonclass.jpg (86963 bytes)
from left, in the back Irine, Mary, Carrie & Kim on the right front, then Sharon

Ivory Dragon Heads.jpg (29347 bytes)
Here are some great beads by Sharon

3Dinner.jpg (98953 bytes)
From left going around the table, Sharon, Robin I., Irine, Me, Kim, Mary, Carrie, Wendy & my favorite Robin Foster... 

4Sharon'sBeads.jpg (85371 bytes)
Sharon's Beads from the first day of class...the one on the left is a lip bead that Sharon made to show us all the different kind of lips you can make.

5Wendy'sBeads.jpg (91576 bytes)
Wendy Wyman's Beads from the first day....

6Carrie'sBeads.jpg (93846 bytes)
Carrie Tahquechi's Beads from the first day...the bead on the left I believe is a bead toss bead...

7RobinFoster'sBeads.jpg (100584 bytes)
Robin Foster's Beads from the first day, love the rabbits eye...

8Kim'sBeads.jpg (75896 bytes)
Kim's Beads from the first day, the black vessel is from the bead toss, I put the flowers on it, on one side anyway...as you can see Kim made her goddess's boobs in to eyes...love that bead

9MyBeads.jpg (90133 bytes)
My beads from the first day, the bluish cat face is the bead toss bead...my goddess some cool boobs & butt...

MoreMyBeads.jpg (80197 bytes)
couple more of my beads with the Sharon Peter's Fish bead that I won the second day in class...I am a lucky girl I tell you...

11Irine'sBeads.jpg (66178 bytes)
Irine's beads from the first day...gorgeous fish...

10RobinImfeld.jpg (113571 bytes)
Robin I. Beads from the first day, the cool bead on the left is the one from the bead toss, I put in the lips on it...

12Mary'sBeads.jpg (82809 bytes)
Mary's beads from the first day...is she good or what...only a year at it...

13BeadToss1.jpg (60588 bytes)
Bead Toss Beads

14BeadToss2.jpg (64959 bytes)
Bead Toss Beads
15BeadToss3.jpg (69420 bytes)
Bead Toss Beads
17CraigMilliron.jpg (129010 bytes)
Craig Milliron of Arrow Spring...
16Sharon&Me.jpg (110255 bytes)
Thanks again to Sharon for a great class...



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