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Hubby&me+.jpg (64413 bytes)
My sister had the tiara for me to wear when she picked us up. Incase I had forgotten that it was my 40th.

cooldriver+.jpg (58824 bytes)
Hubby was the only guy along for the ride, he was our driver we drank & he drove. Not much I am a 2 drink girl...

mom&joyce+.jpg (57181 bytes)
Mom (left) and my other "mom" (Joyce), who will kill me for this picture, she had bad eye allergies & neither one of them is old enough to be my mom by the way...

sister&sister+.jpg (73535 bytes)
Sis (right) who planned this fun night & her friend molly who is kind of like a second sister, she is been in our family oh for about 15 years or more.

wild40+.jpg (73031 bytes)
This is me with the constant reminder... yes we all know I am 40 now. Can we move on now? 

allofus+.jpg (59884 bytes)
Here is the whole gang, we were missing 3 other cool girls, my friend Monica who was on her honeymoon, my sister in-law Julia out of town  & my cool Mom in-law at my dad in-laws one of 3 retirement parties to come. My friend Diana in the photo is the one who took most of the pictures.

whatwashedoing+.jpg (49552 bytes)
just wondering what the guy in the back is doing???

cake+.jpg (64997 bytes)
My cake has a photo of my hubby & my sister's son on it...

Makeawish+.jpg (64490 bytes)
Making a wish...

dancingwithsexydriver+.jpg (62741 bytes)
Dancing with my hubby of a babe...

mom&herbadknees.jpg (62097 bytes)
Getting down to some cool 80's music by a local 80's funk cover band called " A Touch of Class" another reminder of my age since I knew all the songs rather well. 

Dancing+.jpg (67634 bytes)
Dancing & being silly, did I mention my mom danced forever with her bad knees, we kept telling her to sit down, well guess what now she is going in for a knee surgery on June 10th, not my fault, she has needed to do it for over 3 years...

dancing2+.jpg (67589 bytes)
More Dancing...

touchofclasslead+.jpg (52072 bytes)
& sis getting serenaded by the lead singer of " A Touch of Class" 

Hubby & I at an upscale restaurant 
called Robert Ogden's.

Here is the New York New York Hotel, 
just gorgeous at night especially

I watched these lovely birds for a bit 
at the Flamingo hotel.

Here we are at the top of the world in 
Vegas, the Stratosphere hotel is over 
1400 feet high & some crazy person 
came up with amusement rides at 
the very top, we are not crazy so we 
did not ride them. 

& here I am at the Luxor hotel with my 
friend the Sphinx.

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