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Hello All. Welcome to the Gallery pages of Jelveh Designs. Here you will find some photos representative of Jelveh's beautiful glass beads. Please note the beads on the following pages have already been sold. You can however special order sets that are in the same color combinations and designs...Jelveh will try to match designs as close as possible but as you know each bead is made one at a time and it is unique. Prices for these sets of beads range from $50.00 to $100.00 a set, please email Jelveh for more information and to order beads.

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Amber Ice 0010

Bohemian 0011

Transparency 0012

Mexican Fiesta2 0013

Amber Galaxy4 0014

Garden 0015

Velvety 0016

Royalty 0017

Old Fashioned 
Romance 0018

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